Friday, March 13, 2009

Your House, Your Home

When it comes to getting things done and done right the first time, it's always good to talk to those who have spent along time in that field. I found that out when I created two websites for friends of mine (Nanaimo BC, Vancouver Island). As I read over there material, I found out I was learning as I was building.

Take for example I never knew that you could heat your house in a way that was different from the conventional way of doing things. By installing heat pumps (air-source) in your home it reduce the overall energy consumption and GHG (Green House Gases) emissions. By installing a heat pump, you could reduce emissions from your home by up to 6 tonnes in one year. There is even a government rebate of up to $1800.00 if you get one installed.

The other example was , I never knew you could get a professional to install your audio, video home theatre system and put speakers in the ceiling. When it's done right, the wires don't collect dust and everything is neat and tidy plus everything works.

That's the way it should be, after all, it's your house, your home.

Monday, July 30, 2007

New Universal Measurement

There are many forms of measurements
(Inch, Metric, Kelvin, Fahrenheit, Celsius, etc.).
Kelvin is good because it shows an absolute point of reference.
Celsius is even better because it shows 2 absolute points of reference (freezing and boiling).
Inch and Metric do not really have 2 absolute points of referance.

Light has an absolute speed in a vacuum. If now we had 2 absolute points of reference, lets say the moon or the sun, we could time a beam of light to go the distance. Now similar to Celsius we could then divide the distance into something much smaller so that it could be used in a class room setting. Now this measurement could be used in cars to measure their speed.

Sound would be another form of measurement (more down to earth) but a bit tricky. Again we would need 2 absolute points of reference to time the speed at which it traveled at a certain temperature. There would be a little more work on this one however once the measurement stick is done it could also be used in a way to measure an objects rate of vibration in-addition to measuring the speed of a car etc. Again, similar to Celsius we could divide the distance into a form that could be used in many future applications.

The Measurement Stick should look similar to the Inch in design but divided up like Metric using 10. This would make the measurement stick easier to look at. It would look something like the picture on the left. It would also be easier to add and subtract when writing many measurements on paper. Notice it has the look of an Inch but divided up like Metric. Now if it was done right, perhaps both forms of measurements could go on the same stick facing the same direction. This could be done because both forms of measurements could be devised at the same time but one of the measurements would stand out as the main one.